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Fryton Catering Services Yorkshire

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Over three decades of experience

As a graduate in Hotel and Catering Management and with over three decades experience in the food industry, I am the proud founder of Fryton Catering. The company has long enjoyed an unequalled reputation for supplying incredible quality and value catering menus and great food. This continues to result in our clients' special occasions becoming exceptional and memorable events.

We use fresh


Wherever possible, all ingredients are produced locally with vegetables, meats, cheeses and speciality breads sourced from some of the finest producers in the area. All foods used are fully traceable and where possible, they are sourced from within ten miles of our kitchen door! This serves to reduce food miles to an absolute minimum, something which is replicated with the abattoir being only four miles away - thus saving the animals from any distress during travelling.

Fryton Catering Services Yorkshire

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Fryton Catering Services Yorkshire
Fryton Catering Services Yorkshire

Hog Roast


In fact, we have our own small holding which rears its own rare breed pigs for use in the hog roasts.

At Fryton, we specialise in Oxford Sandy and Black, Old English Lops, and Saddle Back Pigs to ensure that your hog roast has an excellent flavour, is beautifully tender and has perfect crackling. Sheep for lamb and mutton, American turkeys, ducks, geese, and free range hens, complete the livestock, plus, we have summer fruits, herbs, and vegetables to accompany your meal.



Our dedicated team of staff share our pride and offer wonderful service at all catering events. We can tailor our own role to meet your needs. We work with you on every aspect, from the menu planning and budget - right through to the last course we serve - and we always ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

We are happy to supply a complete package with all the crockery, cutlery, glasses and staff to wash up and serve; or, if you wish, we can just drop off the food so you can enjoy it at your leisure. Whatever your wish, we will work to meet your requirements. Plus, of course, whatever the occasion may be, each one enjoys the very highest quality country cooking and presentation from Fryton Catering.

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